Who benefits from Peek?

Peek™ can benefit everyone in the healthcare ecosystem.

Employers, TPAs, Brokers, and Benefit Consultants

Peek™ is a great point-solution to add to employee benefit packages to enhance their existing pharmacy benefits.

If you are a fully funded employer and your employees are paying full premiums and have high deductible plans, Peek™ is a fantastic option for you. Often, employees need to reach a deductible before the insurance portion of their plan kicks in. With Peek™, we can stretch the deductible for your employees by allowing them to shop for alternative prices for the same medications. This can save your employees hundreds of dollars per month and prevent them from reaching their deductible unnecessarily.

Request a Peek™ Demo to understand how your organization can significantly save on your prescription spend. We have preferred software prices for groups, and we can integrate with the existing benefit software you may already be providing.

Understand how your organization can significantly save on your prescription spend.


Peek™ can help you navigate the complexities of your insurance. As a member, you will be eligible to receive our assistance to help you understand your prescription benefits and provide guidance on the best price for your medications.

Tell your HR representative about Peek™ to have them explore group pricing options for all employees at your company.


Peek™ is a great solution to provide your patients with more than just information from just one cash discount program. The platform is easy– a patient selects their preferred cost option and shares it with you for processing.


With Peek™, you and your staff can look up the cost of prescription drugs by pharmacy chain and cash discount programs. This allows you to send a patient’s prescription to the most cost-effective pharmacy, whether they are paying with their insurance or cash. This will eliminate pharmacy callbacks and ensure cost predictability for your patients.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Advertise your copay programs with Peek™ so our members can take advantage of all the available discounts they are eligible for.

Please contact Peek™ for more information on how we can partner.

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