Peek is designed to improve access and affordability of prescription drugs.

Peek™ is a game-changing prescription shopping solution, saving members significantly on their drug spend. Peek™ accomplishes this by aggregating cash discount options and integrating insurance to provide a full view of a members’ personalized cost options.

We have partnered with industry leaders Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company and SingleCare, who share in this mission.

Partnered with Industry leaders.

Drug prices are confusing,
Peek simplifies this experience for its members by:

Delivering significant cost savings

Peek™ empowers you to save significantly. Our prescription shopping solution creates a single view of your cost options, allowing you to compare across pharmacies and cash discounts.

Personalizing the experience

If you have insurance, Peek™ can integrate your insurance price to provide you with the ability to compare brands and generics across both cash and your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, Peek™ provides pricing options with industry leading cash discount programs

Knowing before you go

Peek™ empowers you to understand the price of your prescription before you get to the pharmacy, or order through mail by providing your prescription cost options in one place

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